Application for Nomination to Board of Trustees

to be elected at AGM in November (date TBC)

Under the Nga Maia o Aotearoa Trust Deed notice is hereby given that on during the AGM being held in November 2021 (date TBC), elections/re-elections will be held for three (3) Board Trustees of the Nga Maia Trust Board. According to Clause 3.2 and Schedule 2, clause 5.2 of the Trust Deed, nominations are being accepted of:

  • North Island Maori Midwife (with current APC) – 2 trustee

  • South Island Maori Midwife (with current APC)  – 1 trustee


In the event that the number of nominees for the position of Trustees are no more than the number of candidates, no election shall be necessary and the persons nominated shall be deemed to have been duly appointed at the AGM.

Are you ready to contribute to Māori Midwifery?

We need two highly skilled and energetic members to join our Board of Trustees. The Board Trustee role contributes to the governance oversight of Ngā Maia, and must have the best interests of the organisation and its stakeholders as a paramount consideration. Trustees should be familiar with the core business of Nga Maia prior to appointment, and be capable of assisting the Board to carry out its objectives by reason of your skill, expertise, profession or standing in the community, or other qualification.​

Board members will be required to attend Board Meetings, AGM/Hui-a-tau and occasional regional or planning meetings. As these are unpaid Board roles, it is vital to have a passion for Maori Midwifery.

Completed applications can be emailed to Nga Maia and should be received by Thursday 30 September 2021.

Who can be nominated to stand for Trustee?

Any Registered Nga Maia Midwife member with a current APC. To be eligible to be elected a nominee must satisfy the criteria specified in the Trust Deed, clause 1.1. of Schedule 2. The Nominee registration form and the Trust Deed are available below.

Who can vote for Nga Maia Trustee members?

Any registered Nga Maia Adult member.

How to apply to be a Nga Maia Trustee nominee?

Nominations must be made on the official nomination form available BELOW
To be eligible, nominations must:

  • Be a current financial registered adult member of Nga Maia Maori Midwives

  • Be in writing and signed by the nominator and the nominee

  • Be in physical attendance at the AGM, as well, your nominator must also be physically present to show support of the nominee they are voting onto the board

  • Contain the nominee’s full name, address and contact details

  • Include a declaration that the nominee is not precluded from holding office as a trustee:

    1. is of sound mind;

    2. is not currently under a health practitioners disciplinary tribunal hearing;

    3. has not had their APC licence revoked by their professional body;

    4. has not been removed from the register of Midwives by the NZ Midwifery Council;

    5. is not a person whose affairs are subject to the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988;

    6. is fit and able to act as a Trustee;

    7. is not an undischarged bankrupt or the subject of other conditions imposed under the Insolvency Act 2006;

    8. has never been convicted of an offence under section 373(4) of the Companies Act 1993;

    9. Is not a person disqualified from being registered as an officer in accordance with section 16 of the Charities Act 2005.

  • Be accompanied by a brief statement containing details of experience and objectives relevant to the position of trustee (200 word limit to be completed by Nominee)

  • Include the name of the rohe to which the nominee is affiliated and on whose behalf the nominee intends to stand

  • Be committed to being responsible for one trustee portfolio of either: Turanga Kaupapa Cultural Safety; Communications (Marketing & Social Media); Professional Development & Education; Strategic Development (Policies & Consultation; Funding and Scholarships.

  • Be committed to bi-monthly board meetings and quarterly rohe meetings

Completed nominations can be lodged at the Nga Maia Office by posting to PO Box 901, Hastings 4156, or emailing to in time to be received no later than 5pm Thursday 30 September 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: the nominee and nominator are both expected to attend the AGM election.

Trustee Nomination Form

Conflict of Interest Form

Trust Deed