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Panui #42, Apr-May 2019

Panui #41, Feb-Mar 2019

Panui #40, Dec-Jan 2019

Panui #39, Oct-Nov 2018

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New Zealand College of Midwives Journal

The latest paper of Journal 54 of the New Zealand College of Midwives Journal.


The paper is titled:

Recognising and responding to acutely deteriorating women in New Zealand maternity wards: A literature and environmental scan


We have also attached a research paper reflection tool designed by the Journal editorial board for midwives to use with New Zealand College of Midwives Journal papers.


Links to the paper and the reflection tool will also be available on the College website at:


We hope you enjoy reading this paper and please remember that you can search the New Zealand Midwifery Research Database for a comprehensive index of midwifery research undertaken in New Zealand:

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Nga Maia Representative needed for the Abortion Services Sector Solutions Working Group

As you will be aware, Parliament passed a new legislative framework for abortion services in New Zealand on 24 March 2020. The revised law modernises the overarching legal framework for abortion services in New Zealand and transfers responsibility for abortion from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Health.

We have sought nominations to attend a working group dedicated to creating Abortion Services Sector Solutions which allow the service-provision aspect of the current Interim Standards for Abortion Services in New Zealand. Importantly, the clinical aspects of the current Interim Standards for Abortion Services in New Zealand are out of scope for this working group. A separate workstream is in the process of being established for the development of separate clinical guidance.

In light of the new legislation, which provides for midwives provide abortion services, we do think it is essential to have a Māori midwives voice in the - Zoom - room on the day. I currently have a space reserved for a Ngā Maia representative, but would please request that you complete the attached nomination form for the preferred attendee and submit to me at your soonest convenience.

The dates are now confirmed for a Zoom hui on:

  • August 19 Wednesday (8:30 am-12:30 pm)

  • August 20 Thursday (8:30 am-12:30 pm)

  • August 21 Friday (8:30 am-12:30 pm)

Abortion Sector Solutions Working Group

Terms of Reference

Abortion Sector Solutions Working Group

Nomination Form

Agreement to Act as Nga Maia Representative

18 August 2020

Consultation - Statement on ending a doctor-patient relationship

Tēnā koutou

We are reviewing our statement, Ending a doctor-patient relationship, and we would like your feedback.

This statement is about providing guidance on how to end a relationship with a patient and what doctors should consider.

Our changes aim to provide more guidance on:

  • what doctors should consider before ending a specific doctor-patient relationship

  • when to seek advice from a peer, colleague or a medical indemnity insurer when deciding whether to end the treating relationship with a patient.

  • situations where it would be inappropriate and unethical to terminate the doctor-patient relationship. 

You can access the consultation paper at the link below. The paper outlines the key changes, and questions, where we would value your input. 


We welcome your feedback and ask that you send it to us by 30 September 2020. Please email submissions to


We look forward to receiving your comments.



Ngā mihi nui








Joan Simeon
Chief Executive

Nga Maia Representative needed for the National SGA Guideline Expert Panel

ACC is establishing an expert panel that will work towards developing a new national small-for-gestational age (SGA) guideline. An invite was extended to Nga Maia to put forward a representative for membership of this expert panel, please find the attached Letter of Invitation for further information and details.


PLEASE apply using the Nga Maia Agreement to Act Form, as the board needs to send a response form on your behalf.

Nga Maia Letter of Invitation

Terms of Reference: SGA Guideline Expert Panel

Agreement to Act as Nga Maia Representative

Kia ora Nga Maia


I am a second-year Otago Polytech student hoping for some support in finding Māori Midwives to complete my third-year placements with next year. I am very determined to ensure my placements are alongside Maori Midwives but am so far struggling with support to fulfil this.


I am based in Te Whanganui-a-tara but whakapapa to Uawa. I would love to do one placement on my whenua. I spoke to Colleen a few weeks ago who was able to offer a couple of suggestions but I do not have any contact details for them as of yet. My other placements I am hoping to do in Porirua, Hawkes Bay, Masterton or Central Wellington as I have whanau in these places.


Please let me know if you would be able to support me in this. I have done a scout on Find Your Midwife but I'm a kanohi ki kanohi kind of person and it's hard to get a feel for people online.


I look forward to hearing back from you!

Ngā mihi


Te Aroha a Hine: Maori Midwifery Workforce

Te Aronga a Hine was a collaborative between Nga Maia, Te Rau Ora and Counties Manukau Health supported by the Ministry of Health (Workforce) that was focused on building the evidence base to inform the workforce required to centre on the health needs of Wahine Māori and their whānau.

These reports were the final two steps to understanding the Māori midwifery landscape. It provides evidence with the qualitative descriptions, views, and Mātauranga (knowledge) from Māori māma and Māori midwives who have experienced the maternity care system in New Zealand and who also come with knowledge from the past which has shaped their outlook of maternity care today.

Whaia te Aronga a Nga Kaiwhakawhānau Māori

Te Aronga a Hine - Ngā Māmā

Notification of the Primary Maternity Services Amendment Notice 2020

Tēnā koe 


Please find attached:

  • a letter with notification of an intent to amend the fee schedule of Primary Maternity Services Amendment 2007

  • the draft Primary Maternity Services Amendment Notice (2) 2020

  • new draft Schedule 1 with amended fees.


We are increasing fees paid to LMC midwives for 12 of the 44 modules of care for complex cases and rural services. The new fee schedule will be implemented on 1 October 2020 and effective from 1 July 2020.


We would appreciate it if you could distribute this information to your members.


This information is also available on the Ministry's website:


You can also find a set of FAQs at: [insert a web link to Sector Updates page]


If you require any further clarification please email


Ngā mihi


Gina Anderson-Lister

Acting Group Manager, Community Health System Improvement and Innovation

Ministry of Health

Increase to primary maternity fees for rural and complex care modules

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